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Skull Hookah


The Skull is our most popular hookah, and first skull hookah ever made. It features stainless steel inner tubing, the patented interlock system, and wide hose port for the best air circulation. Built to last, with strong materials Рcomes in a two level silver suitcase .

This product is patented to Inhale, Inc – US D621,092 S

H: 24″ (61cm) x W: 6.25″ (16cm)

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Product Description

skullsuitcasePatented original Inhale Hookah, comes in a suitcase
1 or 2 hose, 4 color options
H: 24″ (61cm) x W: 6.25″ (16cm)

Additional Information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 6.5 x 25 in


  1. (verified owner):

    O.K. I have had this hookah for a week or two and have smoked it a few times. It is wonderful. Smokes beautifully, no problems with seals leaking or with how well it fits together at the twist lock for the stem to the bowl. This hookah works at least as well as my more expensive Egyptian style hookah. …but it looks SO much better. I got this in bone, going with my affinity with skulls and bones, and it fits in perfectly with my similar decor in my smoking room. I took it to work (a bit of show and tell) and got more than the polite “ooohs” and “aaahs”.
    I waited until I could smoke it a few times before writing the review so I could brake it down and pack it away a few times. The hookah is perfect.
    The case that comes with it could use a little work. The top shelf that straps in the skull stem has what looks like a fabric glued to it. Looks good, but one edge of the fabric had lifted away from the removable shelf. Also, there are small brackets that the shelf sits on when it is placed in the case. (so the shelf does not sit directly on the glass hookah vase below it.) The brackets are extremely thin, and one was already bend flat when I got it. Allowing the shelf to sit directly on the hookah vase.
    …you know what. $119 bucks and I have a perfect hookah with two minor imperfections the case. I call that an A+. I glued the fabric down, pulled out the rivets and the bracket and replaced them with two small screws and a magnet strip I had lying around and everything is perfect.
    I would recommend this one to everyone who is into this style.

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